About FotM

New Pathways for Prosperity

Friends of the Movement Global is launching a powerful collection of resources to drive equality through deliberate economics. 100% dedicated to equalizing opportunity and elevating our communities for generations to come.

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Where We are Going


To be the most trusted friend, network, and leader of conscious consumption globally. 

Why We Are Doing This


Elevate individuals, businesses, and communities through a range of conscious consumption offerings that provide unmatched access to opportunity and shared prosperity.

How We ARe Doing it


  • We are always stronger together
  • Earn trust with every transaction
  • Constantly learn and share
  • Embrace authenticity
  • Adapt and deliver
  • Embody equality 
  • Never settle

The Crest

Honoring heritage to create a better future. 

We are inspired by those that have gotten us here and energized by those that are united with us to create the tomorrow when we prosper together. 

Did you know that elements of The Heritage Crest are included on the FotM Global Crest? This is no coincidence, as key members of the FotM Global team were instrumental in both initiatives. The Heritage Crest, the First African American Crest is a symbol of unity and culture sharing. It was inducted into the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum (1999). Endorsed by civil rights and religious organizations, representing over 60 million people. 

My Story

Founder and CEO Dr. Charles Walker

Dr. Walker is an entrepreneur, corporate executive and social equity advocate that has worked in various industries throughout the U.S; highly skilled in business ideation, operational and marketing strategy and B2B connections. Through his high level contacts, creative ideation and branding concepts, Dr. Walker, serving as a business development consultant, has been responsible for helping secure over $1B in contracts for vendors/clients. 

Together We Can Do More.